Tendon Sheath Injections


What are Tendon Sheath Injections?

Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of tendon sheaths. These sheaths line the tendons in our body, which connect muscles to bones. While tenosynovitis can occur on its own, it is sometimes also accompanied by inflammation of the tendons as well, a phenomenon known as tendonitis.

Tendon sheath injections, composed of steroids, are injected directly into the tendon sheath in order to reduce pain and inflammation.

Common Symptoms We See in Our Patients

Two commonly diagnosed types of tendon sheath pain include DeQuervain tenosynovitis, affecting the tendon sheath of the thumbs, and trigger finger, which affects the tendon sheath of the fingers.

Patients with tenosynovitis experience the following symptoms:

  • Inflammation
  • Swelling of the tendon
  • Pain in the tendon during regular movement
  • Grating sensation when moving the area in question
  • Decreased mobility
  • Tendonitis may also accompany tenosynovitis, resulting in swelling, pain, and overall discomfort of the area

What is Causing My Need for Tendon Sheath Injections

Tendon sheath injections prescribed to patients are a form of integrative medicine when traditional treatment options have proved ineffective in treating symptoms of pain and swelling.

You may be experiencing inflammation of your tendon sheaths due to:

  • Repetitive hand use during work
  • Trauma to the tendon
  • Athletic injuries
  • Trigger finger
  • de Quervain’s tenosynovitis of the thumb

How Will You Treat My Tenosynovitis

A minimally invasive out-patient procedure, tendon sheath injections are performed by trained healthcare professionals such as radiologists. The use of ultrasound-guided imagery correctly guides your physicians to locate the tendon sheath and area of injection.

A numbing agent (anesthetic) and steroid (anti-inflammatory medicine) are then slowly injected directly into the tendon sheath. Patients report feeling a relief in pain and inflammation after a few days. 

Depending on the severity of tenosynovitis, we may prescribe follow-up injections to enhance well-being further.

If you are dealing with tenosynovitis and want to learn more about integrated approaches to improve your condition, call Scott Wagner Integrated Medicine in Charlottesville, VA, at (434) 978-4888 to learn more. 


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