Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries


Have you recently had an acute shoulder dislocation while playing sports? Or have you been in pain for quite some time due to a chronic sports injury and are ready to get back to feeling better? A regenerative sports injury session with us might just be what you need for overall wellness. Here's what you should know about regenerative medicine for treating sports injuries.

What are Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries occur while playing a variety of sports at all levels of intensity. They can be acute or chronic in nature and can also be minor or more serious injuries that require rehabilitation or surgery. Common acute sports injuries include:

  • ACL knee injuries
  • meniscus tears
  • dislocations
  • fractures

Common chronic sports injuries include:

  • recurring sprains
  • patellofemoral knee syndrome
  • tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • baseball elbow (medial epicondylitis)
  • sports hernias

What to Expect During a Regenerative Sports Injury Therapy Session

If you've never had a regenerative therapy session before, you might be wondering what to expect. A trained physician or sports medicine specialist at Scott Wagner Integrated Medicine will begin by asking a detailed set of health questions to determine your current health, including symptoms and severity of the injury. From there, the most appropriate form of regenerative medicine will be prescribed to you depending on several factors, including your lifestyle and work.

The actual regenerative treatment plan will include a series of sessions over several weeks. It's common for regenerative medicine to be a slow process as your body may take a while to begin internal healing. Most sessions are an hour long, and there may be one or two additional sessions before you experience a change in wellness.

For more information about regenerative therapies for sports injuries, contact Scott Wagner Integrated Medicine at (434) 978-4888.

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