Robert Rhoades, Physician


Dr. Robert Rhoades is a board-certified Anesthesiologist and current Fellow in the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through A4M and the Metabolic Medicine Institute.  While the past 5 years of his career have been in perioperative medicine, acute pain management, and anesthesiology, his medical career has been experienced across a broad spectrum of healthcare and a medical background that has led him to a passionate interest in treating the whole patient and optimizing individual health and wellbeing.  

His interest in medicine began prior to medical school in the medical mission field where he provided medical support in Peru, Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Nepal, and other countries.  Dr. Rhoades did his residency at VCU Hospital/MCV Medical Center in Internal Medicine and then Anesthesiology.  

Dr. Rhoades continued to find his passion was in partnering with his patients to optimize their overall health and wellbeing while preparing for procedures or treating their pain.  He went on to participate in the advanced fellowship program in anti-aging, metabolic, and functional medicine and the Stem Cell Therapy fellowship.  

In addition to pain management and anesthesiology, he specializes in functional medicine, metabolic management and hormone balancing, anti-aging and preventative medicine, sports performance medicine, weight management, and regenerative medicine. He is currently working on certification in Obesity Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, and Addiction Medicine.  His current research is focused on career burnout and early interventional therapies and preventative protocols for this emerging and worsening stress complication.


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