Find Relief from Your Back Pain

Is back pain impacting your productivity and work performance?

Back pain—it’s a common complaint, especially now that so many Charlottesville, VA, residents are working from home these days. If your makeshift workstation or hours sitting in front of Zoom meetings have you rubbing your sore, aching back, it’s time you did something about it. Dr. Scott Wagner, Dr. James Hicks, and Dr. Rachel Evans have helped countless patients manage their back pain without surgery.

Here are just some of the ways our medical team here in Charlottesville, VA, will tackle your back pain:

Spinal Alignments and Chiropractic Adjustments

When people think about chiropractic care, adjustments are typically the first thing they think of. That’s because the spine can get out of alignment, which can lead to pinched nerves, muscle spasms, trigger points, and back pain.

By adjusting areas of the body to improve the alignment of your spine we can get rid of back pain while also improving blood flow to speed up the body’s natural healing processes and reduce inflammation.

Physical Rehabilitation

While our team will do a lot of the work for you, there are exercises that we will also provide you with that you should be doing every day on your own in order to strengthen and retrain the muscles. Physical rehabilitation is incredibly beneficial for correcting posture, improving strength and functionality, and reducing your dependence on pain relievers.

Lifestyle Changes and Self-Care

While we don’t know what the year might bring, we do know that most people are going to be working from home for at least the next few months, so it’s important that our Charlottesville, VA, patients have good habits that promote a strong, healthy back.

Our medical team can educate you on proper posture and how to lift properly, as well as provide ergonomic recommendations to ensure that your at-home workspace works for you and doesn’t lead to back pain.

Who’s got your back? The team at Scott Wagner Integrated Medicine does. If you’re experiencing back pain, our Charlottesville, VA, practitioners can provide an integrative medicine approach to alleviate and manage your musculoskeletal complaints. Call Dr. Wagner, Dr. Hicks, or Dr. Evans at (434) 978-4888 to schedule an evaluation.


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